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Peace Silk ® is an intriguing topic and subject matter. You may have some questions regarding our silk, our processes and our story. Feel free to browse through our curated FAQs to give you a better understanding and in depth knowledge.


  • What is Peace Silk ® ?
    Peace Silk ® is a luxury, cruelty free silk brand and range of Peace Silk ® products. Peace Silk ® is sold through and also through partners worldwide.
  • How is Peace Silk ® cruelty free?
    Peace Silk ® is grown and harvested in such a way that the silk worm and moth is not killed during the process unlike traditional methods of silk production. Traditional silk production methods, boil the silk worm or moth during the process.
  • What is different about the Peace Silk ® process?
    Peace Silk ® allows the silk moth to be set free. The silk cocoon is cut open and although the silk filaments are shorter, a technique was devised to expertly reel and spin the threads to produce a finer yarn. This silk is smooth and wrinkle free after weaving. Peace Silk ® also practices organic production methods unlike regular silk producers.
  • How is regular silk made?
    Regular silk is produced by boiling the pupae in cocoons, usually when they are alive and in the transformative stage going from silk worm to silk moth. This is done to preserve the longer silk filaments of the cocoon before it is spun and reeled to produce the silk textile. Regular silk producers also normally use chemicals and non-organic ingredients and dyes in their creation process. They therefore can pollute the environment.
  • Where is Peace Silk ® sourced from?
    The silk is grown in rural India. Our interest in this non-violent way of producing silk lead us halfway across the world to visit India in order to meet our supplier and producer. They explained how each cocoon is delicately cut open to spare the silk moth and to produce the fine, elegant silk textile. Our supplier and producer has mastered the art of creating charmeuse Peace Silk ® which is very rare in the world.
  • Who founded Peace Silk ®?
    The Webster Family, which includes a Dermatologist, is very focused on skin health. They discovered the benefits of silk products on skin and hair and set about finding out more about this precious wonder of nature.
  • Where is Peace Silk ® located?
    Peace Silk ® the company is located in Cape Town, South Africa, but we ship worldwide.
  • What quality is Peace Silk ®?
    Peace Silk ® is a very high quality silk: 22 Momme or SAT 95 to be exact. This quality and weight of silk is ideal for our products.
  • What makes Peace Silk ® organic?
    Peace Silk ® is created in all natural process which is certified by GOTS and other agencies as organic. The actual method of production and harvest is also certified to be organic. This is in contrast to regular silk producers who often use chemicals and artificial dyes which pollutes the environment and which is not beneficial for the end consumer either.
  • Can you prove Peace Silk ® is organic?
    Peace Silk ® has been certified by several governing bodies including GOTS and India Organic.
  • Is Peace Silk ® a natural product?
    Peace Silk ® is an all natural product, the bounty of mother nature. It is undyed and still in its natural state and colour. Beautiful in ivory white. It is possible to naturally and organically dye Peace Silk ® though to a variety of different colours. We also endevour to use all organic materials for the whole product.
  • Can I purchase Peace Silk ® from anywhere?
    Yes from most locations! Our customers can purchase Peace Silk ® from many locations in the world where there is internet and delivery can be made.
  • Where does Peace Silk ® deliver to?
    Peace Silk ® can deliver to many locations locally and worldwide. We use uAfrica for local South African deliveries. There is free local shipping for orders above R1850. There is a flat fee of R150 for orders below R1850. We have partnered with DHL for international orders to deliver your products to you as quickly and safely as possible. Our customers pay their own international shipping costs and duties to have their products delivered safely to their door.
  • How much is the delivery cost in South Africa?
    There is free delivery anywhere in South Africa, for orders over R1850. Below R1850 the cost is R150 flat fee. We deliver through the uAfrica platform.
  • What is the delivery cost for international shipments?
    Currently we charge a flat fee of R950 to most locations worldwide. We use DHL as a delivery provider.
  • Who delivers Peace Silk ® locally and globally?
    Locally within South Africa we use uAfrica ( for our deliveries. We have partnered with DHL ( to delivery globally. We will also be working with a clever app called Shippo ( to help deliver straight from our Wix account.
  • Where are the Peace Silk ® products crafted?
    Our products are crafted in Cape Town, South Africa. Our CMT partners create local textile jobs by training local seamstresses giving them opportunities and dignity and to help uplift the community as a whole. Each seamstress is sometimes encouraged to work from home and given the equipment to do so. Peace Silk ® supports this initiative by choosing them to create our beautiful products.
  • Why is Peace Silk ® slightly more expensive?
    Because of the time it takes to farm and harvest Peace Silk ® and skilled workers to spin, reel and weave it, the cost is higher than traditional or regular silk. We try to keep our costs as low as possible to still deliver value for these rare and precious items.
  • What payment options do I have?
    We support major credit, debit and bank cards such as VISA and Mastercard. Our wholesale clients can pay via EFT or direct Bank Transfer as needed and can be invoiced directly.
  • Do I have to be vegan or vegetarian to purchase Peace Silk ® ?
    Not at all! Peace Silk ® is for everyone. Most of us are trying to make improvements in our lives every day. Peace Silk ® is a reminder that we can do better. A world without reliance on animal meats is possible and will be healthier for the environment and obviously animals. We can all take small steps together i.e. perhaps try have a Meatless Monday for example and eat less meat if you can. We do promote animal rights and also the protection of our wildlife.
  • What is the Peace Silk ® mission?
    Peace Silk ® has 3 main missions: Help encourage the majority of people to treat people, animals and the planet in the best way possible Light up and touch people's lives with the gift of our beautiful products by helping comfort and nurture their skin, hair, body and mind Encourage Peace, Serenity and Harmony globally
  • Can I buy the actual textile Peace Silk ® itself?
    No, we do not sell the actual textile silk itself. We also cannot refer you to our supplier.
  • Do Peace Silk ® products come in different colours?
    For the moment we mostly have ivory white goods but some of our face masks have black hemp. We will be organically dyeing our new products, so be on the lookout for these fresh items!
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