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Regular silk is produced by boiling the pupae in cocoons when they are alive and in the transformative stage going from silk worm to silk moth. This is done to preserve the longer silk filaments of the cocoon before it is spun and reeled to produce the silk textile.

On the other hand, Peace Silk ® allows the silk moth to be set free. The silk cocoon is carefully cut open and the developing moth escapes to complete it's life cycle. Although the silk filaments are shorter, a technique was devised to expertly reel and spin the threads to produce a completed yarn. Our Peace Silk ® is Charmeuse, very smooth and wrinkle free.

Peace Silk ® is grown and produced in a unique and sustainable way, which results in organic and bespoke products. Unlike traditional, mass made silk production which often happens in factories and which pollutes the earth.

Peace Silk ® is an all natural product, the bounty of mother nature. It is undyed and still in its natural state and colour.  Beautiful in ivory white. It is possible to naturally and organically dye Peace Silk ® to a variety of different colours.

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Peace Silk ® is such a visceral, delicate and beautiful wonder of nature. It is produced by thousands of beautiful silk worms. Peace Silk ® respects each little creature allowing them to complete their lifecycle. Peace Silk ® is also produced using organic practices. Hence Peace Silk ® is cruelty free and organic while caring for planet earth and it's inhabitants.

About Our Leather


Peace Silk ® champions the small producer by supporting rural farmers in India and uplifting local CMT workers in South Africa. Our Peace Silk ® products are crafted with love in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Our CMT partners create local textile jobs by training local seamstresses giving them opportunities and dignity and helping to uplift communities as a whole.


Each seamstress is often encouraged to work from home and given the equipment to do so. Peace Silk ® supports this initiative by choosing them to create our beautiful products.

Our CMT uplifts their local communities and by choosing Peace Silk ® you are enabling this positive change to happen and to continue happening!


We at Peace Silk ® see a great opportunity to deliver our products globally via this ecommerce website.


Wix has been a great partner and enabled us to make our dream a reality. We can now sell and fulfill orders from all over the world. We can reach customers just like you and give you the gift of Peace Silk ®. FedEx and TUNL ( assist us with our global delivery.

Please feel free to send us feedback on our progress and if our beautiful products are making a positive difference in your life.

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Peace Silk ® is actively seeking our dream customers, you! Our dream customers are conscious of the earth, animals and the planet. They love creating better experiences for those that come after them. They are dedicated to principles of love, peace and joy. They love life and want the best for others.

These are our dream customers. We seek them and embrace them wholeheartedly. Feel free to follow us on social media, or send us an email, we would love to chat with you. Whether you make a purchase or not, hopefully Peace Silk ® has helped you in some way!


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