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Our story starts with our Founders and partners who believe in creating businesses which are more aware and conscious of the needs of the planet, people and animals. We believe in solving our dream customers problems and delivering on their desires. A desire for better skin, hair and health. A desire for luxurious comfort. Peace Silk ® seeks to contribute to restoring balance and harmony in the world. We are playing our part in creating a better present and future for all.


Since ancient times silk has held a fascination for people. Its luxurious texture has lent itself to creating many different types of products and garments. Silk originates from China and remained there until the Silk Road was established in 130 BC. It was then more freely traded after this and became a worldwide commodity. The Silk industry and trade created many jobs and was financially very profitable.


According to Chinese legend, Empress His Ling Shi was the first person to discover silk as weavable fibre in the 27th century BC. Whilst sipping tea under a mulberry tree, a cocoon fell into her cup and began to unravel. From there, silk garments began to reach regions throughout Asia. 


Traditional silk is made by boiling the pupae to get a single, continuous filament or thread to reel the silk.





Peace Silk ® is an organic, cruelty free, non violent silk originating from rural parts of India, where they celebrate an Ahimsa culture. This type of silk is treated differently as it is produced without killing the silk moth. Each cocoon is gently cut open by experienced workers, releasing the silk moth to complete its natural life cycle. Moths, like bees, also contribute to local pollination and play an important role in the environment. 

Our cherished supplier in India has spent many years perfecting Charmeuse Peace Silk. He is to date one of the only suppliers able to do so. We are happy to have partnered with this visionary a few years ago in this endeavor.


The creation and commercialisation of Ahimsa silk is ultimately credited to Kusuma Rajaiah, a 65-year old government officer from Andhra Pradesh in India. Inspired by Ghandi, Rajaiah applied his 40 years of sericulture experience and the theories behind the Ahimsa way of life to the making of silk. 


  • To provide the world market with ethical, sustainable, organic Peace Silk ® products. This helps our customers have healthier skin and hair and their best night's sleep. 

  • To increase and add to a heightened awareness of the welfare of mother nature, people, animals and the planet. 

  • To promote a peaceful co-existence amongst all on planet earth. To promote wellness, respect and dignity for all. 

  • To promote animal rights and fairer worker treatment and compensation.

  • To be the number one Peace Silk ® brand and retailer in the world.

  • To help as many people in our ecosystem as possible. To help them gain financial, health, spiritual and emotional well being,  independence and freedom.

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The Webster Family, which includes a Dermatologist, is very focused on skin health. They discovered the benefits of silk products for skin and hair and set about finding out more about this precious wonder of nature.


Their research showed that traditional silk production involved the mass killing of silk worms. So they began researching more ethical, cruelty-free practices. It was then that they found a producer of Ahimsa or Peace Silk in India.


Two family members travelled to India to meet with the producers and see how this ethical silk was farmed in a rural part of that country. On their return they established the Peace Silk ® brand in South Africa and began production of silk products with this timeless and refined fabric.

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