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My skin feels soft and smooth and my hair is as sleek as it was when I first put my head on the pillow the night before. This product is a wonderful and easy addition to anyone’s skin and hair care routine. And the added bonus is that it can be used with a clear conscience knowing that no silkworms or moths were harmed during the harvesting of their silk. Thank you Peace Silk for providing this wonder of nature!

Yvette Andersen


I have finally found a product that is organic, kind to silk worms and moths, excellent quality and beautifully handcrafted in South Africa. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase with a silk eye mask is life altering as the gentleness of the experience is hard to describe in words. It feels as though you are being cocooned and your skin is being cherished as your sleep.

Kim Spence-Bowes


My beautiful Peace Silk pillow case is something I cannot ever sleep without now that I realize what I have been missing! I not only sleep much better but I no longer wake up with sleep creases on my face or bad morning hair meaning my hair is less tangled too. The silk is extremely soft on my sensitive skin and overall both my skin and hair feel and look much healthier. 

Sarah Stringer


For my 60th birthday I received the ultimate luxurious gift. I was presented with a beautiful box which, upon opening, revealed an elegant silk mask and pillowcase nestled in between layers of tissue paper. What a joy to put your head down on your pillow at night after a long day and enjoy the comfort of the mask and pillowcase knowing all is well with the moths that spun the silk. Feeling the peace in the process is comforting.

Philien Webster

Peace Silk ® seeks to establish many true fans worldwide. We want to build long term relationships with all of our clients. Our products seek to excite and delight and have a special place in the heart of our dear customers. Browse our reviews below from some of our fans!

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